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The Vixletix Method Kit $140

The Vixletix Method Kit is comprised of your workout essentials in studio, as well as out!

The Kit includes our 3 must have items:

1. Looking to step up your booty game? This black edition will be your new best friend, inside we have our Super Bands in 3 levels of resistance from Light, Medium and Heavy.

2. Give your workouts that EXTRA-BURN with our new Core Sliders! The Core Sliders are the perfect tool for strengthening your core and keeping your thighs tight.

3. Take your legs workouts to the next level with our 1.5kg ankle weights. Designed to fit snug on the ankle and take your heart rate up a notch or 10..

Coming this June 2021! Pre order now to secure your Kit.

ATHLETIX Whey $64.90

Rapid absorbing natural protein powder with no fillers, chemicals or additives, ATHLETIX Whey is the protein powder that keeps you lean and looks after your body. Consisting of WPI (whey protein isolate, natural flavours (cocoa or vanilla) and stevia, each scoop of ATHLETIX Whey contains over 25g of protein and <1g fat and <2g carbohydrate, giving your muscles natural goodness to recover and grow.

Designed for active women who want to maintain a lean physique, or increase their daily protein intake without any additives, ATHLETIX Whey is a delicious and nutritious part of a balanced and clean diet! It can be consumed as a meal supplement or replacement.

ATHLETIX Lean $59.40

This specially formulated Acteyl L-Carnitine supplement is a premium blend which assists in increasing energy, improving brain function and mental performance as well as promotes accelerated weight loss!

ATHLETIX Lean converts fatty acids found in the body into a natural energy source and improves stamina during workouts. Take once in the morning to kickstart your metabolism as a potent, safe, and stimulant free fat burner!