Your body is an amazing machine. It’s so incredible and designed for efficiency—that if you do the same thing over and over again, your body adapts and the process becomes easier.

Let’s talk about the classic ‘go-to’ for women wanting to shed a few pounds for Summer, running.

Not only will running feel easier when done consistently, workout after workout , but your metabolism will also learn and react so that fewer calories are burned even when you put everything you’ve got into the session.

This is where traditional steady state running falls short on  long-term weight-loss. Research conducted found that doing steady state cardio—such as running on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a consistent pace (that’s not sprinting)—helps out with weight loss… but only initially.

The subjects lost a few pounds in the first week and then nothing! The reason being that within a week, their metabolism had adjusted and now didn’t need to work as hard to burn off the fat.

One of the biggest “problems” with just running at a steady, moderate-intensity pace is that the calories you burn are limited to the time you spend sweating. Once your body adapts, the benefit is limited.

But let’s face it, sprinting just isn’t for everyone (me included!). We are all not 20 anymore with joints of steel.  So what’s the solution for staying lean if sprinting is a distant memory of the good ol days?  Training with resistance. That’s why weight training is often viewed as better than “just” running.

Using your body against resistance whether it be Kettlebells, Powerbags, Boxing or Body Weight.  Working against resistance impacts your metabolism and allows you to burn calories right around the clock. It increases lean muscle and the more lean muscle the more efficient at burning body fat.

Basically with cardio, you can slog away for 30 minutes at a lower intensity and burn 200 calories—or you can just eat 200 calories fewer per day. It’s the same thing.

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