When I signed up to the 6 week Bikini Body Challenge, I was really scared. I was extremely unfit but needed something that would motivate me. Bondi Vixen did so much more than that! It completely changed my lifestyle and gave me goals to aim towards. In the first week of the challenge I honestly didn’t know how I would last until the 6th week. The workouts were really challenging and I didn’t know how I would get to the fitness level of some of the other vixens. I have now completed the challenge and can safely say that I am so much fitter and stronger, my friends and family are even noticing the difference. I also ended up enjoying the workouts so much that I signed on to become a regular Vixen and now look forward to going to classes. The meal plan was tasty and after completing the challenge, I am still practicing healthy eating. Vix really pushes us but at the same time is always there to support and guide us to achieve our goals! Thanks Vix for all of your hard work and energy, it feels good to be a Vixen! – Elana V