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Kickboxing is the most efficient STRESS BUSTING Workout!

Looking for something new to reach your fitness goals? Bored of your workout routine at the gym? With the sun shining and the temperature rising maybe its time to step out in the great outdoors and join the Vixens on Bondi Beach for what is known to be a game changer workout. How many more ‘body transformation challenges’ do you want to do? Ladies, its time to glove up, learn a new skill/sport and move your body in a way NOTHING else will come close to. Kickboxing is not only great for cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss but its also a great way to alleviate stress. Read our latest blog to find out more benefits of why YOU should sign up to our Vixen KICKFIT classes and finally get FIGHTING FIT!

The Benefits of learning Kickboxing from the experts on the Beach this Spring!

Usually if you wanted to train and learn MMA/Kickboxing technique you would need to join a MMA centre with lots of men and very few women. That thought alone is enough to put many women off – especially beginners. And that is exactly why Vix has partnered with Alex Santos from Maganga to bring you this exclusive Women’s only 6 Week Kickboxing Program right on Bondi Beach. Read on to find out the benefits of getting outdoors and learning a new skill this Spring!

Tone your ENTIRE body with Kick-Ass Kickboxing Workouts

So why all the hype about KICKBOXING for Women? Well for starters, Kickboxing is a very intense, vigorous style of training, so you need to bring a high level of motivation and intensity to each workout. In addition, kickboxing offers a large variety of movements and sequences that women find fun and engaging. By performing a new training style that is diverse and incorporates a wide range of movements, your probability of sticking with the program improves dramatically, which means results are guaranteed! Read on to find out more benefits and what Bondi Vixen has planned for you this Spring/Summer!

Why Kickboxing Technique is so Important?

As many of you know we already run Vixen BOXFIT and Vixen KICKFIT classes which are massive energy burners and hugely popular with our Vixens. Why is it that we have decided to bring in an expert MMA trainer when we already run Boxing and Kickboxing Classes? Read on to find out….

Kickboxing – A Beginner’s Guide

Has learning how to kickbox been on your fitness goals to-do list? Not sure where to start? Or have you been coming along to our Vixen KICKFIT classes and need to refine your skills? It can be quite daunting to know exactly where to start. There are so many moves and combinations that need to be learned, however cutting it back to even more basics, it’s about where your feet need to be positioned, how the weight is distributed to ensure you are balanced and even the angle of your closed fist as you punch. These small details is what is required to perfect your technique. Read our latest blog to find out what we have planned for YOU on Bondi Beach this Spring/Summer plus a few little take home tips.

9 Ways Busy Women Master Work/Life Balance!

As someone who has worked with many, many busy women who run a highly successful business while staying in shape, I’m here to tell you work-life balance isn’t a myth. It’s real! And, you can have it, too. Read our latest blog and follow our nine simple steps to get closer to a happier, more balanced life 🙂

What happens to your body when you stop working out?

What happens to your body when you stop working out?

Isn’t it crazy how life can get in the way of your training schedules. It takes very dedicated and focused women to train 52 weeks of the year. Winter, especially, is the season many of you slow down or even cease your workout commitments. Life gets busy – we totally get it but did you know what effect stopping your workout routine will have on your physical strength as well as your appearance? Read on to find out how three common exercise hiatuses impact your body—and what to do to get back on the plus side

Understanding Fat Loss

Understanding Fat Loss

Any time you get stuck and stop seeing progress, you need to look at a few other pieces of the puzzle before looking at your training. I believe their is a list of priorities for fat loss and optimum health. Read on to find out more..

Think you are too Busy to Exercise?

Busy Women Can Exercise Too! One of the greatest all time reasons we tell ourselves for not being in our best shape – is the lack of time excuse. The biggest problem with this is that it’s simply not true. Thinking you don’t have time is preventing you, the ‘would be’ sexy and confident woman from ever even attempting to get your body, mind and spirit into healthy, fit and athletix shape. Read our latest blog to see how you can MAKE Time for exercise HAPPEN!

Post Workout Recovery

Whether you’re a Fitness Junkie or a Weekend Warrior, RECOVERY should be an important part of your lifestyle. It’s all very well making every rep count, but what you do after is equally important. An optimised post-workout routine plays a huge role in alleviating soreness, speeding recovery and aiding muscle growth. From sleep to supplementation, everything you do after training directly affects your progress. Read our latest post to find out our 5 FIT TIPS!